Double Clicking MIDI Events In Studio One 4 - The 2 Different Behaviours

Previous Versions

For those who have been using Studio One through the last couple version's, (Version 2 & Version 3) you may have noticed the default behaviour when double clicking Instrument Parts (MIDI Events) has gone through a couple different revisions. This is something that has come up quite a bit with respect to which behaviour user's prefer.

Essentially it boils down to whether a user prefers a "zoom to fit" type of view, or whether they prefer the Music Editor to remember (and recall) the last "zoom state" of the Note Data within the instrument Part. In all honesty, this sounds a bit confusing when written out - but it's actually quite simple.

A Simple Solution

The great news, is that Version 4 allows user's to do both by the simple addition of adding a modifier key when double clicking MIDI Events. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference - and PreSonus have made it pretty easy for user's to choose which behaviour they prefer to use for their personal work-flow.

In this Quick Tip video, I demonstrate the 2 different behaviours that are possible when double clicking Instrument Parts (MIDI Events) in Studio One 4.

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Cheers, Marcus