How To Import a Mixing Template Into a Studio One Version 3 Song Using Macros

New Features In Studio One Version 4

As many of you know, Studio One Version 4 was recently launched towards the end of May, and along with it, came many highly user-requested features. One of them being Import Song Data. Without getting into too much detail - Import Song Data is an incredibly powerful feature that allows users to choose specific information from external Studio One Songs, and bring it into their existing song. One area where this work-flow really shines is with respect to importing a Mixing Template into your existing song.

What About Users Still On Version 3?

Although this is fantastic news for those who have made the move over to Version 4, not everyone has made the switch. So what does this mean for all the people still trucking along with their trusty Version 3 setup's? Well - have no fear, because there's actually a work-around that can be used for importing a basic Mixing Template by creating a relatively simple Macro.

In this video, I demonstrate a way that users can import a Mixing Template into their Studio One Version 3 songs using a Macro work-around. It's not perfect, but certainly gets the job done for basic Mixing Templates including Bus Channels, FX Channels, track names, plug-ins, and complete FX chains..

**Note - In order to achieve the above workflow - you must be using the most recent build on Studio One Version 3. (3.5.6)