Quick Tip - How To Multi-Select Impact XT Pads In Studio One 4.1.1 & Above

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple these days, and hence I find myself turning to the stock plug-ins and instruments that are included with Studio One on a daily basis. So needless to say Impact XT has replaced my use of Battery in about 99% of the cases when I’m looking to trigger a basic kit with drum samples.


I must admit that in one thing that’s always bugged me about using Impact / Impact XT in the past was not being able to select multiple pads and change their outputs together. Not to mention other parameters as well - but mostly, changing the outputs!

Well, in case you happened to miss it, there was one line in the release notes of Studio One 4.1.1 that definitely caught my attention:

[Impact XT] Multiselect for pads (Shift or CMD)

In this Studio One Quick Tip video I demonstrate how to select multiple pads in Impact XT in Studio One Version 4.1.1 & above. This can be extremely useful when adjusting the outputs of multiple pads at once (in addition to other parameters).

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Cheers, Marcus