Studio One Quick Tip - When and Why To Enable 'Automatically Add Envelopes For All Touched Parameters'

Editing automation is an essential part of modern music production. But lets face it - it can sometimes be a bit of a pain. I think in general there are usually 2 school’s of thought. Those who prefer to ‘mouse in’ their automation, and those who would rather take a more tactile approach and ‘perform’ an automation pass - either by using the mouse, (clicking and dragging parameters in real time) or a controller.

To be completely honest, I use both methods. If i’m just needing to automate a simple filter sweep, I might opt to quickly draw it in. BUT - in the case where I feel the need to have more control, manually grabbing faders, and performing my automation moves is a great way to achieve that.

But there’s one thing that can be frustrating during this process. That being the need to first “add” an envelope for the parameter I need to automate. Once an envelope has been added, it’s simply a matter of choosing the automation mode, and performing a pass. But if you’re wanting to automate multiple parameters at the same time, you would first have to “add them”.

The great news is that there is a preference in Studio One that takes care of this issue all together - and all you need to do is simply enable it!

In this video I demonstrate the 'Automatically Add Envelopes For All Touched Parameters' automation preference in PreSonus Studio One. More specifically when (and why) to use it - and how it interacts when writing plug-in automation.

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Cheers, Marcus