Exploring The Music Creation Macro Toolbar In Studio One 4.5 - Chord Up and Chord Down

At the time that I am writing this article, we have just seen a major update to Studio One (being Version 4.5) As I am primarily an “Audio Guy” - I tend to take a bit of time to fully explore new MIDI related features in Studio One. But one thing is for certain, is that I always find that with each update (especially the bigger one’s) I always find a handful of features that seem to resonate with the way I like to work.

One thing to point out is that we now have 2 new Macro Toolbar’s that specially have to do with working with MIDI. They are Music Editing, and Music Creation.

Needless to say, I've been exploring the both of them, and in the above video, I demonstrate the Chord Up & Chord Down Macro Button's. More specifically, what they do, and when you might consider using them.

Also worth noting that I plan to do some content on specific features in both of these Toolbar’s that I find useful, with respect to how they can be incorporated into one’s workflow. But in the meantime, Here are a few other Video’s from my good friend Lukas that showcase some of the New MIDI Macro’s in action.

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Cheers, Marcus