Exploring The New 'Select Notes' Options In Studio One 4 - Select Off-Beats

The New Select Notes Options In Studio One 4

I was speaking to a friend / colleague a while back regarding some of the new features in Studio One 4, and he happened to mention being somewhat shocked that one of his favourite new features (The New Select Notes options) has not had a bigger spotlight.

I had seen the new options & spent a bit of time exploring some of them, but admittedly had not dug that deep into the menu. It was more of a: "Oh hey cool... I should check these out in more detail at some point".

Fast forward a couple months, and knowing that sometimes these improvements that get added may slip through the cracks, I decided to have a 2nd look. More specifically - a look at some of the built in Macros that PreSonus had included for users as one-click Macro button's for a specific task.

Useful Functions - 1 Click Away

I must admit, I'm glad I did. There are some really useful Macros that have been included. I think it's worth pointing out that having come from Pro Tools, I am very accustomed to working with and using keyboard shortcuts in my daily workflow. In addition, my usual approach is to build a Macro I need, then map it out to a key-command. To take that a step further, I have also never really bothered to take a really detailed look at the included Macro Buttons.

In general, let's just say that I prefer to use the mouse as little as possible. But having said that - I can definitely see the appeal of having some of these buttons one click away, and I think I may start to add buttons for all my future MIDI Macros! It's pretty convenient having them in the Music Editor, and it doesn't take up that much space. This also saves me from the scenario of running out of key-command combinations that don't require me to do finger acrobatics just to pull them off!

In this video I demonstrate how to use some of the new "Select Notes" options in Studio One 4. Although this video is focused on the (included) "Select Off-Beats" Macro, we also take a look at some other options as well as a few tips when working with Select Notes Macro's in general.

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Cheers, Marcus