Studio One 4.1 - Tempo Ramps & Time-Linear vs Beat-Linear Timebase Settings

A Welcomed Update To Working With Tempo Changes

If you’ve kept up with some of the more popular feature requests, you may have seen that many users have long requested a more modern approach to editing Tempo changes in Studio One. Since Studio One Version 3 launched - we have had access to some pretty seamless tools that have allowed users to “mouse in” smooth automation envelopes with ease. But the Tempo Track did not necessarily reflect that same ideology.

Well I’m happy to report that as of the recent 4.1 Update, this particular issue has been addressed by PreSonus, and in general I think they did a great job with it. But in addition to being able to work faster and easier with Tempo Changes, we also see some other improvements in the Tempo Department as well.

The New Beat-Linear Timebase Setting

In addition to the above, we also see a new alternate Timebase Setting that can be used in place of the traditional Time-Linear setting. In all honesty, this sounds much more complicated than it actually is. But the easiest way to explain it would be to say that when changing the Tempo in your Song - the Events don’t resize, but rather the cursor scrolling speed increases or decreases.

One last thing that they have addressed is a greatly improved workflow for manual Tempo Mapping in Studio One. But in all honesty this is something we’ll leave for another day.

If this all sounds super confusing to you, no need to worry, because In this video I demonstrate the differences between Time-Linear vs Beat-Linear Timebase Settings in Studio One 4.1, as well as the updated Tempo Ramp abilities.

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Cheers, Marcus