Global Automation View vs Track Based Automation View In PreSonus Studio One

If you’ve migrated over from a different DAW such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro - there’s a good chanced you may be accustomed to working with Automation in a certain way. The great news is that Studio One is really flexible in terms of how it allows users to view (and edit) their automation.

In addition to creating weekly content here on this site, and working my day job as a Producer, Mixer, Engineer - I also do some training clinics for Studio One from time to time.

In the audience is usually a mix of people who have used either Pro Tools or Logic Pro - and each “group” of people will always ask me to explain how Studio One handles Automation views in general. So I thought this might make a good video.

In this video I demonstrate the basic differences and approaches for using a Global Automation View vs a Track based Automation view when working in PreSonus Studio One.