How To Get Arrange Tracks For Bus Channels - FX Channels and VCA Channels In PreSonus Studio One

I personally don’t make any efforts to conceal the fact that I am a former Pro Tools user of many years. In fact, as I’m sure you may have noticed - a lot of my content is created with the intent of showing other former Pro Tools users the “Studio One Equivalent” way of handling specific tasks that they may have been used to doing in Pro Tools.

That being said, when I first made the move to Studio One - one thing that I found really confusing was the fact that if I created a Bus Channel (Subgroup) or an FX Channel - it was not visible in my Arrange Window (by default). There were steps that could be taken to make it show up, but it didn’t happen by default (as would have been my preference). But this was was quite a while back, and as of one of the updates that we got in Version 3 - a preference was added to mitigate the issue.

Now before you start ambushing me with comments like “why would it show up - Its not a track?” Let me just say - YES, I’m fully aware of that. :) Im also fully aware that Studio One is not the only DAW that functions this way. For example: I know that this is also the default behaviour of Logic Pro.

But what I will say is that when you are used to working a certain way (with a 1:1 parity between your Arrange Window & Console) for 15+ years, it’s tough to adapt to not having arrange tracks for all of the Channel’s in your Console. This becomes especially evident if you prefer to work primarily in the arrange window - with the inspector open for basic mixing requirements.

I will also say that 9 times out of 10, if I create a Bus Channel, FX Channel, or VCA Channel - chances are that I have the intentions of automating it’s parameters, be it volume, or plug-in settings. So I’d prefer it’s available by default to do so.

So having said all of the above, if this is something you would prefer - In this video I demonstrate how to set Studio One's preferences so that an Automation Track is automatically created for Bus Channels, FX Channels, & VCA Channels when using PreSonus Studio One.

For those coming from other DAW's such as Pro Tools, this may be preferable to the default behaviour.

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Cheers, Marcus