How To Quickly Export Multiple Files Using The 'Between Each Marker' Preference In Studio One

When I first made the move from Pro Tools - one of the first things I noticed was the multiple different options to define the Export Range in Studio One. One of the main options that caught my eye was having the ability the export “Between Each Marker”.

I have always used Markers to define specific areas in my arrangement - so for me, this was like a dream come true. Just imagine being able to print 6 or 7 separate arrangements all offline, without any fussing about. Or even more powerful, how about different chapters in an audio book, or different snippets of a VO. You can literally print 50, 100, 150 (however many you need) and Studio One will render them quickly & with ease - all based on the power of your computer.

I used to have to do these all one by one, and in the case of when I was working in Pro Tools, I was printing back into my session on a new Audio Track! That being said, one thing I quickly noticed was that this feature didn’t quite work as I expected it to (or wanted it to) when using the Export Mixdown option. Hence, I went back to my old process of doing things one by one.

BUT - then I was on a call with my friend Don Baarns - who does a ton of work supporting the Studio One Community in the Audiobooks / Narration / Voice-Over area. Essentially, he let me in on a little secret in that the “Between Each Maker” exporting workflow is actually quite different when using the Export Stems option.

In this video I demonstrate how to use the 'Between Each Marker' preference to quickly export multiple files when working in PreSonus Studio One.

Using this option vs the traditional "Between Loop" format is a lifesaver when needing to export various files according to pre-defined Markers in Studio One. That being said, there is a fundamental difference between the way this feature works with "Export Mixdown" vs "Export Stems".

And once again, a special thanks to my good friend Don Baarns for the pro tip.

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Cheers, Marcus