MIDI Workflow Tip - Aligning Sweeps and FX In PreSonus Studio One

I personally love working with transitional FX such as sweeps, Reverse Cymbals / Vocal FX, Risers, and Impact hits when it’s appropriate for the genre. When I have the time (and budget) I will often try to make my own, by pulling from content within the production, and layering / adding Spatial effects to taste. That being said, I’m not opposed to using samples / Virtual Instruments as well.

But one of the issues that comes up with these types of FX, is that they’re not necessarily linked to a specific BPM. If they are an Audio Sample, this is fairly easy to combat, but (for obvious reasons) it can be a little difficult to align them perfectly when working with MIDI.

In this video, I demonstrate a workflow tip that can be used to help align Sweeps & FX when working with content generated by Virtual Instruments in PreSonus Studio One.

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Cheers, Marcus