Studio One 4 Quick Tip - Using Invert Selection & Select Lowest Notes To Speed Up Editing

The New Select Notes Options In Studio One 4

Continuing on from some of the other video’s we’ve covered. I wanted to re-visit some of the new “Select Notes” options that were recently added in Studio One Version 4. More specifically, using the “Select Lowest Notes” built in Macro button in the Musical Editor.

But in addition to that, I also wanted to touch upon another function that’s pretty well hidden in Studio One - that function being Invert Selection.

Using Invert Selection

For any one who has ever used Photoshop or any other related programs, you will most likely be accustomed to seeing and/or using the invert selection function. Essentially this does exactly what you would expect. It inverts the selection, providing a short cut for many various editing functions from that point.

Now I think it’s important to point out that in Studio One, this can be used on either Audio Events and instrument parts, OR on the actual Note Data (the MIDI Notes) that reside within an instrument part. This in itself can come in really handy when working with editing MIDI in Studio One.

Using Both Of The Above Together

In this Studio One 4 Quick Tip video, I demonstrate how to go about using the Invert Selection option when editing MIDI to quickly create a Bass part in a song. In addition, I also take a look at how it can be used in tandem with some of the new Note Selection Musical Editing Functions in Studio One 4.

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Cheers, Marcus