Studio One Quick Tip - When and Why To Use 'Collapse All Tracks' In PreSonus Studio One

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing my best to put together a series of videos that can be helpful for organizing your Arrange Window when working in Studio One. As many of you may have noticed, I tend to jump around quite a bit with my views - by doing things such as zooming in and out (both vertically and horizontally), as well as expanding and collapsing folder tracks as needed.

There are quite a few different way in which Studio One allows user’s to customize their views, and for this I am grateful. Furthermore, I tend to take full advantage of any view I need in order to accomplish the task at hand. But as soon as I’m complete - I tend to want to quickly return back to my “Zoom Overview” view - with all my automation envelopes hidden, and my folders collapsed.

This is where the Collapse All Tracks Command comes in super handy. :)

In this video I demonstrate the Collapse All Tracks Menu Command In Studio One. More specifically, why it's useful - and when to use it.

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Cheers, Marcus