Track Based Automation vs Part Based Automation In PreSonus Studio One

Automating your instrument tracks is a fantastic way to add movement and interest to your productions. In fact, sometimes a simple tweak such as a basic filter sweep can literally add a night & day difference to a song!

That being said, it’s also important to have a solid understanding of the different ways in which you can apply automation. Case in point; Studio One allows users to go about this in a couple different ways.. One of them is a pretty standard approach that most DAW user’s would be familiar with - while the other is (imho) a little more modern, (and perhaps preferable in certain circumstances).

In this video I demonstrate the main differences between Track Based Automation vs Part Based Automation (a.k.a. Region/Event Based Automation) when working with Instrument tracks in PreSonus Studio One.

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Cheers, Marcus