Workflow Tip - Setting Up a Mix In PreSonus Studio One

Although I love all aspects of Music Production, I must say that Mixing is by far one of my favourite tasks. Especially when I’m given great material from talented artist’s, producer’s, or composers.

That being said, my experience over the past 10-15 years has been that it’s a really good habit to get into properly setting up you Mixing session ahead of time, in order to streamline the mixing process. I found that I’m far more productive when everything is set up and ready to go - vs trying to record, edit, produce, and mix simultaneously.

Now full disclosure - I often will do all the above at the same time if it’s something that I’m working on myself - but when I receive files from someone else for the purpose of mixing - I have a very meticulous workflow that I like to employ.

In this video, I demonstrate my basic workflow for setting up a Mix in PreSonus Studio One - Including Importing Files, Tempo Map, Markers, Time Signature, as well as Colour Coding, Grouping, and Gain Staging.

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Cheers, Marcus