Working With VCA's In PreSonus Studio One - Part 1 - VCA Basics and Setup

One of the biggest feature requests in Studio One (especially from former Pro Tools users) was VCA Faders. Having said that - Studio One added VCA's in Version 3.

I find that it’s kind of tough to explain to people exactly why mixing with VCA’s is such a killer way to work. The usual responses are something along the lines of “Well how is that different then creating a group?” or “Isn’t that that same as creating a BUS Channel for selected tracks?”

My answer is always the same. Once you fully understand (and start using) VCA’s - it’s hard to imagine NOT having them. So with that being said, I wanted to do a 2 part series that would (hopefully) get people accustomed to using VCA’s and explain some of the advantages in terms of incorporating them into one’s workflow.

In this 1st video of a 2 part series, I demonstrate the basics of VCA's - more specifically how to set them up, what they do, and why they're so incredibly useful.

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Cheers, Marcus