How To Embed Chord Track Metadata Into Audioloops In PreSonus Studio One 4

Since it’s introduction in Studio One Version 4 - I’ve been trying my best to make use of the Chord Track wherever I can. Although I must admit that with the exception of using “Import Song Data” features, (chord track information on Audio Events will come in when using Import Song Data) this is usually on a song by song basis. ie: I use it in certain songs as a production tool - but it’s not yet 100% engrained into my workflow. I also haven’t seen any Soundset’s that make use of this feature - (yet).

Then one day it dawned on me - “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could export all my Audioloops with the Chord Track metadata already having been detected… There MUST be a way to do this!”

This would save me the step of having to detect chords (and verify they’re all correct in the Editor) if I wanted to use the chord track in my production workflow. Also, depending on how I have the tracks in my Studio One Song setup, those Audioloops could potentially “auto-conform” to my Chord Track (in my source Song) when dragged in. ie: if I had some blank tracks setup in a template for dragging in Audioloops - and they were set to follow the Chord Track.

furthermore, my guess is that we will eventually be able to audition Audioloops in the Studio One Browser against our Chord Track in our Studio One Song. IMHO - This seems like the next logical step to take. That being said, I’m simply hypothesizing here, so don’t quote me on this.. (Although it would be pretty cool).

However if that DOES end up happening, I thought to myself - wouldn’t it be nice to “future proof” all my Audioloops I’ve been creating by embedding the Chord Track data into them before exporting. In addition, this could also prove to be useful in the meantime for my own productions. But all of that depends on whether or not this is even possible!

Well the short answer is, Yes - it is..

In this video I demonstrate how to export Audioloops with Embedded Chord Track Metadata In PreSonus Studio One.

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Cheers, Marcus