How To Render Multiple Event FX In PreSonus Studio One

I love using Event FX in Studio One. Whether it’s a simple EQ change that needs to be applied across just one phrase - or working with tools such as Melodyne, Revoice Pro, and VocAlign - Event FX give user’s a way to quickly apply processing to specific Audio Events as needed.

That being said, I think there’s still something to be said about committing to a decision and rendering specific processing once you are happy. This of course leads me back to why I love Event FX so much, because a user is able to “restore” just as easy as Render.

But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had multiple Audio Events - say, a vocal track for example, and you wanted to select ALL the Audio Events on the track, and Render ALL of the Event FX at the same time?

In this video I demonstrate a few different methods that can be used to Render Event FX across multiple Audio Events in PreSonus Studio One.

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Cheers, Marcus