Processing and Converting Samples Using The PreSonus Audio Batch Converter

Working in a DAW such as Studio One gives users an enormous amount of flexibility and control over audio. But having said that, there are cases where someone may need to achieve a specific workflow that would be better off being done in a separate application. A great example of this would be when needing to convert or process a large amount of audio files.

In the case of working with multiple audio files, It’s often preferable to work with the actual files on a 1:1 basis vs having them laid out on a single track.

That being said, Studio does have various different options for converting, and processing multiple files, but its not quite the same as a stand alone application that’s specifically designed to batch process files.

If we take a few basic examples like increasing, or decreasing the gain of multiple files, or potentially normalizing to a specific loudness value, as well as processing them through a custom FX Chain - this becomes evident. In addition, there’s also the fie type to take into account. What happens if you need to export a specific format?

Studio One’s export Mixdown options do offer quite a few choices, but they don’t necessarily work well for processing the actual audio events (the files). They are designed to render an actual “Mixdown” of multiple files based on a specific duration of time.

We have some basic control over what types of files are rendered by adjusting the sample rate and bit depth of our song when using drag & drop workflows with Audio Events to the Studio One browser - but again, still not quite the same thing.

This is where an audio batch Converter comes in really handy. And it’s design factor is perfectly fit for purpose for the above tasks. :)

In this video I demonstrate how to use the PreSonus Audio Batch Converter to Process and Convert Samples in PreSonus Studio One 4.5 and above.

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Cheers, Marcus