Impact XT Layer Modes Part 2 - Stack Mode and Edit Sample Offsets

Impact XT is an extremely powerful and easy to use Virtual Instrument that ships with PreSonus Studio One. Although this “style” of PAD based instrument is most often associatewd with Hip-Hop & Pop based productions, I personally find that it’s useful for multiple Genres.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to being used for traditional Drum and Percussion based productions, Impact XT can also trigger Loops in all sorts of different ways, and can also be used for Live Performances as well.

However the focus of today’s article is to build upon last weeks video, which was specifically to do with the different Layer Modes that can be utilized in Impact XT when mapping multiple samples to a single Pad.

In this 2nd Part of a 2 Part video series, I pick up from where we left off with our Layer Modes, and demonstrate how (and when) to use the "Stack" Layer Mode in Impact XT - in addition to the "Edit Sample Offset" function in PreSonus Studio One 4.

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Cheers, Marcus